Rats in NYC, the four legged kind!

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AM New York came out with a complete map of where Rats reside in New York City. See the full interactive map here. From a quick view it seems there are more rats in NYC then Pokemon. As always its hard to find n area with a huge population of these rodents.


Rents Frozen again in NYC, Mayor is under attack.

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Second Consecutive Rent Freeze is Approved, Lawsuit to Commence Against Rent Guidelines Board On Monday, June 27th, the City’s Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) voted in favor of a second consecutive rent freeze with 7 votes in favor and two abstentions coming from the representatives of property owners. Immediately following the unprecedented vote, RSA announced that it … Continued


Buyers Closing Costs

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  Thank you to our good friends at Weidenbaum & Harari for this easy residential condo and coop closing cost breakdown.    


Market Softening and Why

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Over the past three months we have seen less traffic and fewer offers in the residential real estate market. When we do see these offers come in – they are low and beyond that, they are being presented by less than enthusiastic buyers. It’s official, the market has shifted – but what are the factors? … Continued