Windsor Terrace

Runs from 20th Street on the west, Prospect Park Southwest on the east, Prospect Park West on
the north and Parkside Avenue on the south.

One of the greenest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Windsor Terrace is nestled between Prospect Park and Greenwood
Cemetery. This up-and-coming neighborhood has become a hotspot for affordable houses and apartments to buy or
rent. Properties in Windsor Terrace include townhouses, luxury condos and apartments.

In addition to a diverse population and diverse housing stock, Windsor Terrace offers peaceful tree-lined residential
streets. As you walk down these streets, you pass two-story and three-story rowhouses of brick, clapboard, brownstone
and limestone with touches of their original details. If you go further south in Windsor Terrace, you find detached
frame and detached brick houses for sale, as well as a handful of mid-rise apartment buildings. Also in the southern
part of Windsor Terrace, recent new developments have brought in over 100 new luxury condos with indoor parking
to buy and rent. The Windsor Terrace area also offers quaint coffee shops, restaurants, organic grocery stores and
boutiques. Recent commercial developments, which have helped give Windsor Terrace a more upscale feel include
DUB Pies, an Australian style meat and vegetarian pie shop as well as a handful of new bars. For a more casual night
out, grab a beer at historic Farrell’s Bar, established in 1933 (which you might recognize from the film “As Good As It
Gets”) where they only serve brews in 32-ounce Styrofoam cups, and then catch a movie at Pavilion Cinema, a long
stalwart of Kensington, where films are shown in digital format.