Mill Basin

Runs south of Avenue U, and is bounded to the east, south, and west by the Mill Basin/ Mill Island

Mill Basin homes – often situated on large green lots — are built on a peninsula made from sand dredged from Jamaica
Bay. With a remarkably large stretch of waterfront houses, Mill Basin is the Brooklyn neighborhood for those seeking a
sun-splashed waterfront home. The area is particularly known for its large single-family homes with swimming pools,
but there are also Mill Basin two-family homes and even sparkling new condos.

A quiet secret of southeastern Brooklyn, the Mill Basin area gets its name from a long-gone grist mill set up by Dutch
pioneers which began to boom right after World War II. Rows of brick bungalow houses from that time still hug the
well-manicured sidewalks. Right on the water are incredible mansions, which range from classic to contemporary
homes, many with vast expanses of glass and beautifully crafted details. Some of the five-floor houses even have
elevators! Certainly, a large Mill Basin house is a sure sign of having “made it” in Brooklyn. The Mill Basin neighborhood,
however, maintains its small town feel. While the Kings Plaza Mall with a movie theater is a stone’s throw away, you can
also find meat and fish markets that have been around for generations. And what would the waterfront be without
dessert? Dolly’s Ices offers exotic flavors such as apple crumb, raspberry cheesecake and even Snickers, in addition
to the classic coconut and cantaloupe.