Manhattan Beach

The eastern end of Coney Island, bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, south, and east, and
Brighton Beach to the west, with West End Ave as the dividing line.

Manhattan Beach, at the eastern end of Coney Island, was developed in the nineteenth century as a summertime resort.
Although the grand old Oriental Hotel no longer stands, the good life still remains, and every house or apartment is still
just minutes to the beach. The style of the mansions mimics that of the beach itself – long and wide. Many of the lovely
homes also have large lawns, multiple bedrooms, Jacuzzis, fireplaces, and multi-car driveways or garages. Manhattan
Beach also boasts smaller, bungalow-style houses, built in the 1920s, with two bedrooms, one bath, and sometimes
modernized kitchens. There are a few Manhattan Beach rentals also, available in six-story apartment houses.

If the water isn’t enough to show you where you are, streets that intersect with Shore Boulevard conveniently run
in alphabetical order, west to east, from westerly “Amherst” through easterly “Quentin.” Kingsborough Community
College makes up the eastern part of the neighborhood hosting a number of popular concerts and plays. To the south,
Manhattan Beach Park consists of 40 acres of volleyball courts, dog runs, spray showers, and barbeque areas. This
area is hugely popular in the summer, so be sure to come early to get a spot! Seafood is the cuisine of choice, though
authentic Russian food and good local pizza are nearby as well. For public transport, Manhattan Beach is served by
the B1 and B49 buses.