Fort Hamilton Parkway and Caton Avenue to the north, Coney Island Avenue on the east, Foster
Avenue on the south and McDonald Avenue on the west.

Kensington is an eclectic residential neighborhood hosting a myriad of housing options; Victorian, Cape, and Queen
Anne style attached and detached homes as well as brick rowhouses line the streets. Many of these Kensington homes
have amenities that include garages, basements and cellars, large porches, and expansive, wooded lots. Adding to
the appeal of the neighborhood, ample parking is available – a much desired amenity in Brooklyn. If you are not in
the market to buy, mid-rise rental buildings, many built in the Art Deco style, are also abundant, as well as affordable
rentals within multi-family homes.

Kensington, which was named after the west borough of London, was developed in 1885 after the completion of
Ocean Parkway, which now is a bustling junction of high-rise co-op buildings, landscaped malls, walking and biking
paths, benches and chess tables. For shopping and dining, dozens of ethnic grocery stores and restaurants can be
found on Church Avenue. Kensington Stables offer carriage rides and pony parties in addition to riding classes, which
date back to the nineteenth century. What’s more, Kensington is just south of Prospect Park, practically in many
residents’ backyard!