Runs from Prospect Avenue to the north, 20th Street and MacDonald Avenue to the east, 38th
Street to the south and Greenwood Cemetery to the west.

Greenwood, which is just south of Park Slope, sits on the highest elevated point in Brooklyn, allowing for spectacular
views, whether in a wood-frame house or a high-rise apartment building. The neighborhood was rezoned relatively
recently, so new luxury condos now complement many of Greenwood’s existing single-family and two-family homes.
As part of the initiative to spruce up the neighborhood, a community movement has begun to renovate and restore
some of the rare historical wood-frame houses to their turn-of-the-century artistry.

Greenwood’s long history actually reaches back even further than the turn of the nineteenth century, as the area
was a battleground in 1776. In fact, the location was part of the wide-ranging Battle of Long Island, also known as the
“Battle of Brooklyn,” the first major battle in the Revolutionary War after the Declaration of Independence was signed.
WThe neighborhood gets its name from the historic 478-acre Green-Wood Cemetery, a national landmark where
both F.A.O. Schwarz and Boss Tweed are buried. The area itself, though, is definitely alive and kicking. The tree-lined
streets of Greenwood are teeming with activity, and residents enjoy easy access to Park Slope’s quite charming, and
ever-expanding, collection of cafés, bars and stores.