Dyker Heights

Runs from 7th Ave to the west, 14th Ave to the east, 65th St to the north & 86th St to the south.

Once dubbed the “handsomest suburb of New York,” because of its elegant planning, large lots, and site with a
commanding view, Dyker Heights consists of numerous homes for purchase as well as condos and apartments for
rent. While properties in Dyker Heights include condos and cozy brick rowhouses, one and two-family homes for sale
— some in the original Queen Anne style, some Mediterranean Villas — are the highlight of the neighborhood.
The most spectacular properties in Dyker Heights are the mansions located on and just off of 11th Avenue, from 86th
Street to 79th Street. These impressive homes, with gated yards, are mostly three stories. About half of Dyker Heights’
original homes built at the turn-of-the-century still exist, some updated with modern amenities, while maintaining
classic appointments throughout. Dyker Heights homes often are dressed to the nines with decorations around
Christmas time. The most famous and extensive display in New York, the “miracle mile” on 84th Street between
10th and 12th Avenues has attractions like 30-foot-high wooden soldiers, giant toy trains that kids can ride, life-size
mangers and literally millions of lights covering roofs and lawns. The elaborate displays draw up to 100,000 visitors
every year. (The phenomenon was even chronicled in a PBS documentary, “Dyker Lights.”) But beautiful homes aren’t
the only things to boast about in Dyker Heights. The 46-acre Dyker Beach Park, 18-hole city-owned Dyker Beach
Golf Course and 8.5-acre McKinley Park offer endless options for recreation. In addition, the neighborhood offers a
thriving commercial district. 13th Avenue has everything from gourmet food shops, bakeries, and butchers, to tailors
and pharmacies.