Cobble Hill

Runs from Degraw Street in the south to Atlantic Avenue in the north, from the Brooklyn-Queens
Expressway to the West to Court Street to the east.

Even though Cobble Hill is in Northwest Brooklyn, don’t be surprised if you hear old-timers call this neighborhood of
serene brownstones “South Brooklyn” — because Cobble Hill was once south of the city of Brooklyn, where Brooklyn
Heights and Downtown Brooklyn are today. In fact, Cobble Hill’s one-way streets, bluestone sidewalks, and turn-of-thecentury
buildings, now mostly co-ops, give you the sensation of having slipped back a century or two. Apartments are
often brownstone floor-throughs, many with renovated baths and kitchens.

Cobble Hill area is separated from Red Hook by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, though condos and rowhouses
on the dividing line are sometimes called “Cobble Hill West.” Cooks from throughout Brooklyn make pilgrimages to
Staubitz Market, often voted “the best butcher shop in Brooklyn.” The Cobble Hill feel in general is very mom-and-pop,
with specialties for sale that no one else quite seems to have. If you love to read, check out Bookcourt, Cobble Hill’s
indie-bookstore-with-a-cat kind of bookshop. For recreation, you can also take in a movie at the Cobble Hill cinemas on
Court Street, a theater which shows a mix of art-house flicks and current blockbusters. Fans of greenery should head
over to Cobble Hill Park (known to Cobble Hill locals as Verandah Park, after the street it sits on) which plays host to
free concerts in the summer