Borough Park

Western Brooklyn – 12th Avenue to Cristoforo Columbo Boulevard; 61st Street to the south, and
McDonald Avenue to the north.

This culturally rich enclave was established as one of the original neighborhoods of Brooklyn in the 1880’s. Today,
visitors can still enjoy remnants of Borough Park’s origins – named “Blythebourne” at the time. A plethora of
independently-run shops reminiscent of old world mercantilism line the bustling streets of 13th and 16th Avenues.
Here you will find hand-made furniture stores, bakeries, schnitzel bars and shoe cobblers. In addition to these local
gems are some of the finest discount shopping options in New York.

Just 200 square blocks, Borough Park remains one of the more densely populated parts of Brooklyn. Residents,
though, boast of the peace and quiet of the neighborhood as well as the strong sense of community, with many
service organizations functioning on a volunteer basis.