Bay Ridge

Runs from 65th Street on the north, Seventh Avenue on the east and the Belt Parkway and
Brooklyn shore on the west and south.

Bay Ridge is a neighborhood with a little bit of everything; houses for sale, condos to buy, apartments to rent, and
of course, views. Bay Ridge has well-cared for brick multi-family detached homes and semi-detached homes to buy
– many of which have garages and basements. The lovely neighborhood also offers unspoiled early 20th Century
single-family brick, limestone and stucco homes for sale.

The most sought-after homes for sale in Bay Ridge are the houses with views of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.
Those along Shore Road (referred to as the “Gold Coast” of Brooklyn) are reminiscent of Manhattan’s tree-lined
Riverside Drive. Bay Ridge’s original residents built extravagant summer homes along the waterfront, and many of
those mansions still exist today. If you are looking for something a bit more modern in Bay Ridge, condos and co-ops
with apartments to buy can be found. Amenities in these condo and co-op buildings include elevators and laundry
rooms, and some have doormen as well. A handful of new luxury condos are also slated for development. And as far as
rentals in Bay Ridge, there are many options available, including apartments to rent in Art Deco apartment buildings.
Bay Ridge still has a real neighborhood feel — you’ll get a sense if you take a stroll along the waterfront esplanade,
walk down one of the two “step streets” or peruse the quaint stores, restaurants and boutiques along Forth and Fifth
Avenues. For a more adventurous form of activity, try out the new skateboarding area in Owl’s Head Park.