Bath Beach/Bensonhurst

Runs from Gravesend Bay on the south, Bay Parkway and Avenue P to the east, 65th Street to the
north and 14th Avenue to the west.

Bath Beach – Bensonhurst is a neighborhood of one- and two-family brick houses and stucco row homes where
condos have recently become popular. It’s now possible to buy a condo in the area with closets, closets, closets and
luxurious baths. Many of Bensonhurst’s traditional row houses are prized for their gardens and backyards enclosed by
lovingly-crafted wrought-iron fences.

In general Bath Beach – Bensonhurst is an area reminiscent of days gone by. Walk beneath the elevated D subway
line (made famous in the opening credits of “Welcome Back, Kotter”), and you’ll instantly go back in time to the 19th
Century, when Benson’s farm was parceled out into green 20 x 100 foot lots and sold to homeowners as a peaceful
Brooklyn suburb. Bath Beach to the southwest has a lot of streets with “Bay” in their names (e.g. “Bay 50th Street”)
but no beach. There are small apartment buildings here, and shopping is mom-and-pop. On 86th Street, the dividing
line between the Bath Beach and Bensonhurst areas, you can thread your way through outdoor markets filled with
tempting fruit and vegetables for sale. Bensonhurst is often referred to as the Little Italy of Brooklyn — the area’s
annual Santa Rosalia Festival draws residents out of their houses and visitors from afar, rivaling the San Gennaro
Festival in Little Italy in Manhattan.